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The National Wound Care Strategy Programme has been working with the Health Innovation Network’s Transforming Wound Care programme and the Patient Experience Network to translate its compression resource into some of the most spoken languages in England and Wales, to suit a range of language preferences.

The resource provides a guide to compression for people with venous leg ulcers, explaining why compression therapy is useful and how to use it.

This guide has been translated into twelve languages, with funding from Health Innovation East.

English resource – Download

Polish resource – Download

Punjabi (Shahmukhi) resource – Download

Punjabi (Gurmukhi) resource – Download

Urdu resource – Download

Ukrainian resource – Download

Nepalese resource – Download

Bengali resource – Download 

Gujarati resource – Download

Arabic resource – Download

Romanian resource – Download

Portuguese resource – Download

Spanish resource – Download

The National Wound Care Strategy Programme (NWCSP) seeks to improve care for people with pressure ulcers, lower limb and surgical wounds. The Health Innovation Network Transforming Wound Care programme is focusing on lower limb wounds and improving patients’ access to evidence-based care.

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